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Macedonian Sound

The orchestra  "Macedonian Sound"  was founded September 1991. the musicians that him constitute come from their Promahoys and from other villages of region (Sarakinoi, Sotira and Vrytta). They are self-instructive musicians that they linked the love for the musical wealth of Macedonia. 

They made their first steps in marriages and panigiria the region playing them local aims and then enriched their repertory with representative sounds of the Thrakis, Continent, and the Islands and with popular songs. The respect in the musical delivery of place and the big variety of their repertory them made acquaintances initially in all Macedonia and then in various parts of Greece. 

They have gone with dancing groups of Almwpias in international festivals in all Greece but also in countries of abroad (Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, and USA). Also, they were presented in various television programs appearing the local traditional music. They have record recently CD with aims of region Almwpias.


Yannis Veskos: cornet, saxofwno
Makis Diliapis: clarinet
Giorgos Zmpainos: cornet, mpoyzoyki, guitar
Grigoris Zmpainos: armonio, accordion
Dimitris Tzavelas: drums
Petros Poysinis: guitar, song

Telephones of communication of Macedonian Sound : 306944121929, 306974712627 and 302381021980




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