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 customs passports symbolizing the purgation of souls with the fast of Christmas, but also the passage from the heavy winter in the spring. The grand mother was the point of report seaten doubly in the fireplace gathered her family olo'gyra and began the fairy tale. Ritual ola'keri etoy'tes the days of sfa'xjmo pigs smells and making traditional sweets, diffuse scattered in each house'. But customs synasme'na with the saint days is the a'namma of lights in each neighborhood as well as kalanta from education. The New Year cake for good the time is always cut by the head of family the midnight of new year the morning of next finishing with the feasts the eve of lights the children singing  Christmas songs while the priest of village went from house to house fylw'ntas faithful cross giving interest the divine benediction

Customs of spring
The spring it is got used tie up the mothers in the hands of children a bracelet constituted from spinner red and white, so that him does not blacken the sun the spinner him they removed hardly antjkry'soyn the first swallow
A other custom known as heljdonj'smata where the fields made a wooden effigy heljdo'nas which him they embelished with zoympoy'lja and him they hung around from house in house for the kalwso'rjsma of swallows 
A wish a prayer that made the residents of village for their rural production concern intense rain beloved god grow sparta' our.

Customs Carnival
The tsjknope'mpti they cooked meat in saucepans and him they left it sticks in order to it smells tsj'kna thus it was established him they say tsjknope'mpti. The week afterwards Sunday of Carnival up to Sunday tyrofa'goy was said his white week, because that they got used eat dairy products and eggs, and women loy'zoyn this week in order to asprj'soyn their hair

Customs sarakosti's 
Follows the fast of dance floors of villagers where they are cleaned mental, where landords cleaned all the cooking utensiles Saturday of Lazarus and Sunday vaj'!wn the children said ka'lanta 
si'kw Lazarus and not kojma'saj…………… 
Bay-leave bay-leave of bay-leaves they eat fish and mackerel
And other Sunday they eat the cooked lamb

Customs of big week
The week victim begins the fast of dance floors is in the climax and the faithful Christians go to the church in order to they glorify the gentleman
The painting of dawns the baking pashaljnw'n tsoyrekjw'n as well as the decoration of epitaph become in the big week. Customs of social events  – engagement 
Usually in the engagement mello'nymfoj were not known between them the parents had first because these decided for the engagement of their children dj'hws many times himself they are known between them

The last one fourth before the marriage they called orally the relatives of groom and ti'ke of bride (two boys from the kin of groom, and two girls from the kin of bride) the dowry of bride it is stretched out by her friends Friday the morning the shave of groom it contributes also this in the all of preparation of marriage

Customs of pregnancy you give birth confinement
The woman that kyoforoy'se should not comes out outside slow mainly sixth up to the ninth month of pregnancy also avoided it goes to funerals in order to it avoids the psychological fo'rtjsi the reduction of maternal milk lehw'na it should not it accepts visits afterwards the west of helium and did not only come out from her house despite when sara'ntjse where it went to the church

Customs of saint Dimitrios
The eve of Saint Dimitrios he becomes artoklasj'a accordingly with a delivery certain persons that Iran from but parts in order to they assist in the feast of saint Dimitrios were excluded from the snow that fell afterwards the divine operation and because they could not leave the panigy'rj it was continued up to the next day from then the panigy'rj it becomes in 27oktwmvrjoy day ti'ke of feast of aga' Ne'stwra

Educative associations - traditional ha'roj
The educative association the PROMAHOJ with chairman Mrs Papanjkola'oy Hrysa'nci was founded in 1982 is the continuation of natural of the dancing group  Pavlos Mela's that was created in the beginning of decade 1960 is constituted by 100 roughly members. Cultural anta'mwma is one from her events of association where each summertime has been established as institution of 28- 29 June becomes dancing events with the attendance of crowd of world of also j'mero saint Dimitrios becomes representation of traditional promahjotjkoy marriage

Association of women
Was founded in 2002 chairman of association is Mrs mitsani Hrysa'nci is constituted by women and they deal with the learning of traditional countries as gyrto's, third person she steps, tjkfeskoy, patroynjno, girl Helen, mpajntoyska, tsoyra'pja, gka'jnta, poysjnjtsa, border, lyto's, etc

At the manufacture of house and mainly in the stage that is thrown the foundations it existed a delivery they slaughter ko'kora kacw's also in the four corners of house they put from a bottle full agjasme'no water they believed that in this way the house they are robust built. In the end when they threw a tara'tsa they made wooden cross and him they filled with the all sorts of clothes.




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