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Studying the historical elements of our place that concern in that they resisted also the residents this removed geographically from the centre of Greece period 1900-1950 remains no one really impressed from courage the boldness and the bravery of all of without exception residents of men and women. Villagers poor, illiterate in their majority, not having substantially nor to  zin . They front came out in the fight for free Greece for free Macedonia for one free Almwpj'a. Below with historical elements but also elements from real testimonies of residents of villagers of region we will try to make a short but essential recording of persons of  – makes but also the opinion of older residents of region that explains the period from 1900-1950 for which we will be reported below.
The village Pro'mahoj has been built and lived before hundreds hro'nja and in during the time until today has changed 7 localities First locality was near in the borders and was known as gkrjtskoy seloy (Greek village).  The second locality was little below from the borders and the first locality. Third locality was in the above right side of current locality fourth was on and behind the monastery of Saint Jlarj'wna. Then the village was transported north-westernly the monastery then more westwards from the current locality and from 1840 the village took his current place. The reasons of all these of changes in the place of village were owed mainly in threats or hostile raids. For this reason the houses were off-hand built. The village those was hro'nja named Mpa'hovo because the residents lived with the distress that will remain and all the hour said in ah and mpah. According to a other version it took his name from mpaovo because existed beautiful girls. Mpa'ovo according to the sla'vjki dialect from which it emanates means beautiful. His current name the village him took in 1924 because the residents of that were pro'mahoj freedom and National Independence. Neighbouring village rampant with big history in which we will be reported is also the Gare'fj the village which was renamed from tsarnesovo in Gare'fj to price of Kapeta'n Gare'fj while the residents of village but also all his Almwpj'as were grateful for his apeleycerwtjko' work.
The residents of villages of Almwpj'as and more concretely Rampant and Garefj'oy where we will be reported more extensively in the duration of MACEDONIAN FIGHT. Thus therefore the residents of Mpaho'voy as was named then the village lived in a region karatzo'va that was then constituted mainly by Moslem villages and the Mpahovj'tes were one from the few Greek communities of region.  In combination with the that village they were in a favourable locality Greek chieftains found shelters for rest of men their huts of shepherds in the aestival pasture lands. Thus therefore were set up in the region and new lodgings in order to they entertain their men. The Greek villagers of Mpaho'voy to them supplied to them supplied regularly with food. The  Douglas Dakin in the book him the Greek Fight in Macedonia 1897-1913 characterizes their Mpahovj'tes worthy persons because for the supply with food of men of chieftains they made six hours nightly course in thick and dangerous snow. Himself the writer little below in his book reports that lieutenant Mazara'kis as soon as you occupy that the enemy would start wide enterprises and anatoljko'tera, via means karatzo'va and more westwards to the monastery decided the concretisation of drawing in order to it stops the enemy. In this drawing with which it became the constitution of big bodies in in the karatzo'va important role played Mpa'hovo after it was the base of the 4 oy  Body and had sector the Eastern declivities of Morjhovoy and in the concretisation of this drawing. The villagers of MPAHOVOY stood dj'pla in the Mazara'ki and helped in the concretisation of drawing with each means. Also according to those who had said himself the Mazara'kis paro'tj the MPAHOVO it was slavo'fwno village it was a village with fanatically fjlellinjka' feelings and his role in the Almwpj'a the season of Macedonian Fight he was gentleman and that that it asked the himself from his village was provided immediately or this was men in order to them uses or was anything other means that had in the disposal his village. The MPAHOVO therefore that participated actively in the fight and heavy price of one and lost most lads from all the remainder villages of Almwpias. The names of Makedonoma'hwn of MPAHOVOY were below:
Nikos Meskj'nis (1886-1959) contact, feeder, carrier of arms.
Giorgos Prw'sjos (1881-1941) soldier of Manolis Katsjga'ri, Nikos Doympj'wti, Xenofondas Zormpa'..
Sta'cis Kale'sis (1866-1940) committee of defence of village, driver, feeder, soldier.
Resurrection Prw'sjos (1833-1914) notable, father of Giorgos and Dimitris Prw'sjoy, donor M. A., antartapodo'hos.
Dimitris Koy'ntis (1875-1924) driver, collaborator.
Dimitris Ko'ltsis (1875-1941) driver, collaborator.
Resurrection Mitre'ntsis (1869-1917) driver, collaborator.
Dimitris Prw'sjos (1878-1905) driver, collaborator, dolofoni'cike from the Bulgarians for reprisal 
Yannis Mpo'gjas, antartapodo'hos.
Traj!ano's Soy'dis (1879-1954) feeder.
Apart from more existed also 6 lads that were named by the Kapeta'n Karamanw'li  "eagles "  myi'cikan in the fight from the Gare'fi and existed contacts, drivers feeders and soldiers of this and Manolis Katsj'gari,  they were honouredwith the medal of M.  A.  this lads were:

Hara'lampos Ro'pkas (genn. 1889).
Dimitris Santza'kis (1876-1947).
Vangelis Mitre'ntsis (1868-1920).
Municipality Tsalpoy'ris (1859-1914).
Virtuous Ra'dis (1885-1916).
Virtuous Dwarf or Orma'nis (1873-1943).

Important in M. A. in the Almwpj'a played also the Kapeta'n Gare'fis one from the active fighters that came from big martial family of Roy'melis, that had her roots in the Roy'meli. It was given birth in 1874 in the village a'nw Apple trees Pilion and in 1896 it was sent in Kavala with mission the destruction of bridges and railway line.
After betrayal, his body was dissolved while the himself was saved by marvel. In the 35 hro'nja, klj'cike in Macedonia where his consul Koromila's assigned the Arhigj'a of 25meloy's body, with which kateyci'ncike in the lake Giannitsas and that poly'paco season (1905) apartment of Karatzo'vas, that testified from the action of Bulgarians Loukas of (lohagoy' Bulgarian army) and karata'soy.
The Gare'fis that period, gave oath that it would realise the extermination of Loukas  – Karata'soy. Were 1900 the Gare'fis it informed that two voevo'des they arrested the son of rich cattle-breeder, Giorgos Karofy'li (or Karafjlja') and asked 400 pounds litres for his release. The unlucky father asked the subscription of Gare'fi, and according to the drawing that prepared their two, the cattle-breeder invited their Loukas  – Karata'so e'royn in his huts, in the place Camel (Tserne'sovo) Garefj'oy, in order to them they give the pounds after in deed first they have fun, in order to them it thanks that would deliver the child. The Bulgarians presented itself chose a hut for their men and these began the gle'ntj in a other hut with the Karofy'li. The last one according to the narration of Giorgos Serafej'm that took part in the makes that followed, you extract the sign and parasy'ncima the Bulgarians, that was Gkro'znte  – Ljmpjnj'tsa (grape  – watermelon) and him gave in the Gare'fi, which could thus later approach xegela'sej the aim, it enters suddenly in the hut where they had fun and it shoots mortally their Loukas  – Karata'so. Blissful the Gare'fis after it still wounded one-one-two came out again outside. The joy however as the dark that him helped initially, were his destruction. In in his enthusiasm, it forgot ejdopoji'sej for their his exit companions his, that him waited for with distress the result of attack. The last ones, not being possible to distinguish their head and not seeing the luminous sign (a ananme'no torch) that they waited for (the earphone was tsaroy'hj  – butterfly) him shot. The lad was transported heavily wounded in the Gradenj'tsa and ejdopoji'cike the immediately doctor Mjha'lis Monk from the monastery ma did not anticipate.  one still unselfish Fighter of Macedonia met the death that him made immortal. It was 5-6 August 1906 the Gare'fis ta'fike in the village Gradenj'tsa, however the residents (tserne'sovo) Gare'fi apart from their gratitude they dedicated in the Gare'fi and certain songs. In the M.  A.  in the Almwpj'a important was also the role of local church and somebodies of irwjkw'n priests as priest - Virtuous Mjltja'dis from the Gare'fj  (genn.  1883) that the action of in the region was big and polyshedi's. Was therefore carrier  – soldier, person in charge of lodgings of rebels, informant. Except however from priest and soldier were at need and schoolteacher of village as and in their Proma'hoys of it was cryljko's priest  – Mi'tsos Papanjkola'oy Rampant (Mpa'hovo) opy' it was given birth in 1874 and died the 1951. Soldier of Christ and homeland, epjkirygme'nos from komjtatzi'des, he worked at the duration of M. A. as agent, organizer, messenger, feeder, distributor of arms, while he was also irwjko's warrior and still head of team of e'mpjstwn collaborators, that was used as drivers, feeders, contacts and antartapodo'hoj. It collaborated with kapetane'oys Manolis Katsjga'ri, Xenofondas Zormpa' and  Nikos Doympj'wti of Epamejnw'nta.  However and the Gare'fj paid heavy tax of blood at the duration of M. A. the names of fighters of Garefj'oy is following:

Gerokwstanti's Mpade'nis or Mjltja'dis (Kapeta'n Kwstanti's 1852.1929) collaborator, soldier).
Mjltja'dis Mjltja'di (1872-1917) soldier of Katsjga'ri, Zormpa', Gko'noy, was killed by the Serbian army.
Entire Mjltja'dis (1890) feeder contact.
Sofia Mjltja'di, feeder, informant, postman.
Virtuous Anastasios (1870-1930) soldier Zormpa', Manolis Skoyntri', Spyros Fragkopoy'loy, Karapa'noy.
Nikos Anastasj'oy brother of User, agent.
Petros Anastasj'oy brother of User, agent.
Giorgos Ma'rkoy 



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